General profile of enterprise

Wytwórnia Sprzętu Elektroenergetycznego (Electrical Power Equipment Factory) AKTYWIZACJA in Kraków originates in 1958; established by the employees of the liquidated part of the Metallurgic Complex in Nowa Huta. From the beginning, the production program involves electrical safety equipment used during exploitation of high voltage equipment in electrical power engineering.

AKTYWIZACJA, like other cooperatives during socialistic period, was functioning in the centralised structure of the cooperative movement in the central planning economy system of that time.

Our cooperative passed successfully through the system transformation period in Poland and turned up in the market economy conditions.

AKTYWIZACJA became modern, fully competitive, leading in Poland, well known abroad, reliable enterprise on the market and its surroundings. It has created the potential that enables operation in the European integration conditions, taking advantage of Union funds.

The widening of the AKTYWIZACJA products’ offer is a result of technology development applied in power engineering and necessity to fulfil requirements of the European and international standards.

For better and more effective organisation efficiency, in the year 2000 we introduced a quality system according to ISO 9000 and integrated an ERP class information system. At present we have quality system according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2009.

The condition to, but also result of the Cooperative’s development, are constant growth of the members’ qualifications; at the same time their job satisfaction and bonds with the Cooperative are also increasing.

AKTYWIZACJA keeps its cooperative identity, however adding the modern dimension.

The Cooperative includes 40 members.