Strategic objectives and Cooperative policy of economic activity.

Our mission (our objective) is the activity in the range of the work safety techniques in power engineering, particularly by supplying safety equipment to meet the requirements of customers, at possible low prices. We want to keep our market position, simultaneously aiming to achieve our own – as cooperative – economical and social objectives, as well as to fulfil professional and personal ambitions of the members.

Our vision (and so the long term direction we follow), is to be modern, well functioning enterprise with a strong financial condition, large developing potential, good reputation and a developed ability to co-operate with the market and the surrounding environment.
Moreover we aim at keeping significant role in that we do now, also in conditions of of the market’s globalisation.

We also want the activity of our Cooperative to assure advantages to its members.

These aims are based on the following assumptions:
- we wish to keep up our cooperative identity and long-term traditions as well as
- we desire to modernise our enterprise to be capable exist in conditions of European market competition.

The way to accomplish these strategic aims passes through:
- winning competitive superiority (marketing operation),
- increasing organisational efficiency and active adaptation to changes,
- increasing the material and immaterial value of the Cooperative,
- stimulating all employees’ professional activity.

The priority of the above mentioned activities is approaching quality as the fundamental instrument of achieving competitive superiority and customers satisfaction, keeping the financial fluency as well as achieving social aims as a consequence of the cooperative character of our enterprise.