Wskaźniki napięcia


The CHM ultrasonic height meter is designed to measurement power network conductor’s hanging in three-conductors configuration of the CHM300 type or six-conductors configuration of the CHM600 type. It works on principle of measurement the deceleration time between the moments of wave dispatching and reflection from a measured object. Maximum conductors hanging height is 23 m (for E model). To compensate environment temperature influence on propagation speed of waves, the instrument has been equipped with temperature sensor. It enables to automatically compensate temperature influence.

AOWN-4 Sound Optical Voltage Detector The AOWN-4 sound-optical voltage detector is designed for acoustic and optical signalling the presence of alternating current in 50 Hz power networks and electrical equipment with a voltage rated from 0.23 kV up to 400 kV (in few ranges). It works in conjunction with the UDI universal insulating pole having appropriate rated voltage. Producer recommends using the UDI-B insulating poles filled with insulating foam.
AOUF-1/2 acoustic visual phase comparator

The AOUF-1/2 acoustic visual phase comparator is used for phasing in nets and alternating current devices 50 Hz and rated voltage from 3 kV up to 36 kV. It works in conjunction with UDI universal insulating pole with appropriate rating voltage.