How can I know if my protective equipment is safe?

insulating stick test

You can check whether your electrical equipment is safe by carrying out appropriate checks such as inspection and / or testing. The level of control and / or testing should depend on the risk. A simple visual inspection can be sufficient for simple equipment used in a clean, dry environment (eg insulating handles, helmets). In addition, equipment whose construction is more complex or may be damaged or is operated in difficult conditions, requires electrical tests according to criteria from relevant standards. Checks should be carried out as often as specified in the standard for the equipment. When used in harsh environments, the user can increase the frequency of inspections - to minimize the risk of undetected hardware damage between inspections, depending on the number and weight of any hardware failures found in a particular application. It is good practice for us to record the date of subsequent tests on the periodic test plate, located next to the rating plate on the device. As it is specialized equipment that protects health and life, examination of equipment can be performed in properly equipped laboratories, in which personnel have appropriate competences: qualifications (including SEP) and experience in the field of protective equipment. This can be a manufacturer's laboratory or other authorized, competent and well-equipped laboratory. For more information, see the subpage: test