O firmie


The main purpose of the Cooperative, is to supply safety equipment used in electrical power engineering that fulfils specified as well as expected customers requirements, such as:

– safety of use,

– ergonomics and reliability,

– modernity of technical solutions,

– coherence with the technologies applied in power engineering as well as conformity with standards and principles,

– commercial attractiveness.

So understood quality is the base of the enterprise quality policy, as a condition of realisation of its mission.

The whole enterprise is involved in the quality policy implementation. The quality is guaranteed by:

– improvement of the quality management system according to Polish Standard PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015, through audits, surveys and corrections

– specifying customer’s requirements and expectations through precise analysis and documentary evidence survey

– introduction of modern products based on marketing results as well as knowledge about technological development in electrical power engineering

– manufacturing process that guarantees safety of use, confirmed by a certificate or declaration of conformity

– continuous improvement of the production process and inspection methods

– planning of products manufacturing processes

– improving employees professional qualifications, development of their quality consciousness, through planned systematic professional training

– choice and verification of suppliers through estimation of their technological and organisational level

– on time products deliveries

– systematic analysis and planning of economic-financial results and quality costs as well as planning of the costs level.

Managers and employees are aware of their influence on the quality level and how they are responsible for the quality. For them, it is a source of personal satisfaction and good a opportunity to fulfil the need of self-creation.

Quality of our production is confirmed by certificates:

The Electrical safety equipment factory AKTYWIZACJA was established in 1958 in Krakow, district Nowa Huta. Since its inception, the production profile of AKTYWIZACJA has been the protective equipment used in the operation of high voltage lines and devices.

In the conditions of a free market economy, AKTYWIZACJA has become a modern, fully competitive company, leading in Poland and known abroad, trustworthy on the market and in its environment. It created the potential enabling it to operate in the conditions of European integration, using the EU aid funds.