Training in the field of electrical safety equipment

The trainings are aimed at presenting and / or supplementing knowledge on the principles of performing periodic tests of electrical power safety equipment, such as insulating sticks, voltage detectors and phase comparators, portable earthing devices or electric-insulating rubber products. The training is dedicated to employees of the professional power industry, as well as to laboratories that periodically examine the power safety equipment for occupational health and safety, and also for HV metrologs and persons who work in area of electrical health and safety service (HSE). The outline of the training program was based on theoretical classes supplemented with practical exercises that give the opportunity to actually deepen the acquired skills. The following topics are addressed in the scope of training: principles of energy equipment operation, working conditions of electrical devices, requirements for technical and operational documentation, operating instructions, acceptance of equipment for operation, organization of safe work, including live-line work (live line maintenance).

The issues of organizational measures are also discussed: accident hazards, electric shock hazards and electric shock statistics, electric current activity on man, accident prevention methods based on SCC.

Training topics also deal with legal issues: legal requirements regarding the certification of devices and the scope of permitting tests and their application in Poland, product conformity assessment system, institutional structure of the conformity assessment system, new approach directives and regulatory provisions are introduced to trading.

The use of electrical safety equipment is also discussed: classification and classification, rules of use, programs and frequency of tests. Practical tests for the following types of equipment: insulating sticks for various purposes, pliers, grips and fuse holders, gloves, footwear, electric-insulating helmet, electrically insulating rugs and mats, low-, medium- and high-voltage detectors, indicators, phase comparators of low and medium voltage, electric field detectors, portable earthing devices.

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