The WTNS-2 traction voltage detector is designed for signalling the presence or absence of direct voltage in d.c. networks, particularly in railway and tram traction in the range from 0,3 kV up to 4 kV. The WTNS-2 detector is bipolar (it works with both polarity). Detector works in conjunction with TDO-4-B, TDI and TDI/I or UDI-B insulating pole filled with polyurethane foam with rated voltage not less than 10 kV. It consists of the two parts:
resistance part, equipped with the contact pin fastened in the pole head,
measuring part, equipped with digital display and magnetic earth clamp;
these parts are connected with a conductor with silicone insulation.
The detector is designed for internal and external usage in the range of the temperatures from –25°C up to +70°C and relative humidity from 20% up to 96% - it complies with N+W climatic category according to EN 61243-1:2005.

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